There is a lazy truism to which many Northwest metro Houston (Tomball, Spring, Cypress, The Woodlands, Magnolia) business owners, managers and employers hold: to attract better talent, you have to pay top dollar.

Well, I’d like to challenge that notion.

And don’t just write this stuff off because I happen to be a “penny-pinching accountant”. Though, of course, that is indubitably true.

I love saving money. But I also LOVE paying my people well. You’re probably similar, in that way. One of the great joys of running a firm is the opportunity to create something that would offer a better, richer life to families.

But that “rich life” might not be *only* about the money.

We all know that happy employees are better employees. That when you get MORE buy-in from your team, better things happen.

So, let’s take some time to consider what that actually looks like today…

Five Keys To Happy Employees In Northwest metro Houston (That Don’t Have To Do With Money)
“To love what you do and feel that it matters, how could anything be more fun?” -Katherine Graham

It really comes down to human psychology, perhaps even to the needs of a soul.

What, you didn’t realize an accountant would think about such things?

And the truth is, neither do many employers. And it is to their detriment, because instead of lazily offering higher salaries to their employees or prospective employees, they haven’t taken the time to think through the “quality of life” and “quality of workplace” factors that many research studies show make for a much more satisfying workplace existence.

So, what are the kinds of things your employees might say, if you were able to get them to be truly honest? Here are a few…

• “I want to feel important.” No one wants to feel like a number, interchangeable, or easy to forget. Get to know your employees as people; find out what makes each one unique, and show them you’re paying attention to their individuality.

• “I need encouragement.” Even the best employees continue to flourish with positive feedback. Let them know what they’re doing right and how they can keep performing at a high level. They’ll notice, and will keep up their efforts.

• “I want to believe in you.” Employees want to know they can trust you–your knowledge, your expertise, and your word. Show your commitment to helping them succeed and grow by listening, answering questions honestly, and keeping your promises.

• “I want to succeed.” Most employees want to do a good job, even if they don’t want to advance to upper management. Explain your expectations clearly, and give them the training and support they need so they know you’re invested in helping them succeed.

• “I want to be motivated.” Yes, motivation springs from inside, but employees want to be told why they should complete a project or improve quality in terms that make sense to them. Emphasize the job’s value to the organization, as well as the benefits the employee will enjoy–personal satisfaction as well as more tangible rewards–to unleash their enthusiasm and commitment.

Now then, all of this is well and good, but the place where it all becomes real (and not just “feel good” bromides), is when you can think through whether or not your business or organization is offering these sorts of motivational factors to your team members.

That’s an exercise that can only be done individually, but shoot me an email (just click the Email button in the upper-right of our site here) if you want to discuss it. I’ve given short ideas above, but every organization is different.

We’re in your corner.


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