First of all, there’s something that I wrote about to my individual and family clients that I thought is *especially* important for those of us operating in the Houston Metro business realm:

You see, right now, the world is SWIMMING in negativity. And you need to be serious and proactive about protecting yourself from it. Because — if you don’t — it’ll kill your career, kill your business, kill your dreams and everything you really care about.

The mass news media is NOT your friend. Neither are these ever-increasing niche-oriented outlets who yell with (and at) their particular choirs and who point out the massive failures of “the other side”.

They feed on fear, and they sell paranoia, division and hyperbole. It’s what they do.
And not only must you protect YOURSELF from this drip, drip, drip of chaos and depression, you need to fight it on behalf of your employees, your partners, your friends and (especially) your children and family.

Shut off Facebook if you must. Pull yourself away from the screen or the keyboard — and get to productivity.

We’re in a particular cultural moment — and this is true, no matter your political persuasion — in which we can allow ourselves AND our Houston Metro business to become sunk into political fights and fears. Don’t get stuck there, my friend.

Now … last week, I wrote about helping your employees get what they actually wanted. Let’s turn it now to YOU.

Four Tips To Get What You Want From Successful People In Houston Metro
“Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life.”  -Author Unknown

Successful people rarely reach the top without a lot of help along the way. The ability — and willingness — to ask for help is one trait that really stands out among those who are truly committed to success.

Personally, I’ve been approached a number of times by “up-and-comers” and have seen this done the right way … and the wrong way. Whether it’s your boss or another entrepreneur, here are some tips for seeking advice from the experts:

1) Please don’t waste their time. Once they’ve agreed to help, get to the point quickly. Don’t go through your life story in excruciating detail, nor spend an hour explaining your business plan or the plot of your novel. Plan what you want to ask so you can make a clear, succinct request.

2) Get specific. Don’t just ask, “What should I do?” Imagine you can ask only one question (because that may be the case). Identify the most important issue you’re facing that your expert is qualified to address, and build your question around that. You may get a chance to ask a follow-up, or to move on to another subject, so be prepared, but don’t assume you’ll have all the time in the world to get to what you need.

3) Save one general question for the end. The corollary to the rule above is to save a few minutes to ask something like, “Is there anything else you’d recommend?” once you’ve gotten the answer to your essential question. This gives the expert a chance to expand on whatever information he or she has shared, and provides the opportunity to start building more of a relationship than a one-time transaction.

4) Offer something in return. You’re asking for a favor. Be ready to trade services, buy lunch, offer your own expertise, or some other form of reciprocation. This demonstrates your professionalism and commitment to building relationships, not just grabbing information and leaving right away.


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