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Strategies For Early Planning And a Lower Tax Bill

T. Scott Terry,CPA, CTC

Scott is the founder and managing member of TST Accounting, LLC in Tomball, Texas. As a Certified Tax Coach, Scott works with business owners and investors to carefully structure their business activities to legally minimize their tax burdens while maximizing their liability protections. This is accomplished through proactive tax planning-using court tested strategies to arrange activities in the most tax efficient manner.

Scott is also the founder and CEO of New Day Tax Resolution, LLC. At New Day, he helps troubled taxpayers settle significant IRS problems and get back into the tax “system.” We find that troubled taxpayers can sometimes benefit significantly from incorporating some tax planning strategies into their lives going forward. This reduces their future tax obligations and helps them stay in compliance with the IRS.

Prior to founding TST and New Day, Scott spent many years in financial leadership roles in several fast growing, small to medium sized businesses. He has extensive experience in raising capital, setting up financial systems, policies, and procedures, and running businesses. While varied, Scott’s experience has primarily been in the areas of construction and manufacturing with a specialty in long term construction contracts with percentage of completion revenue recognition. Scott loves to use his “real world” bus experience to help his clients, even outside of the areas of accounting or tax compliance.

Scott’s first college degree was in Electrical Engineering and he spent the first ten years of his career in Engineering roles, primarily with Compaq Computer and then Hewlett Packard. He began to get more interested in the business aspects of those companies, so night classes at the University of Houston became part of his weekly routine. Scott earned his MBA and then a Master’s Degree in Accountancy at U of H. Scott moved into the finance organization at Hewlett Packard before moving on to financial leadership roles in smaller businesses.

You can reach Scott by phone at (281) 246-4421 or by e-mail at